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Christmas at Boyd Cottages!

Thanks for checking out our website. Christmas at Boyd Cottages is a wonderful time of year, and we welcome you to join us for the activities our guests and residents enjoy. School children and grown up church choirs provide the sounds of Christmas while Christmas trees and lights give off a soft glow in the gathering room. And of course there is food…lots of food.

Every Tuesday at 11:00 is a hymn sing for residents and guests. The beloved hymn, “O Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” is a favorite at Boyd Cottages and for me too. This week (and probably again next week) the beautiful soprano voice from Miss Chris will remind me of the Bethlehem Star and the Manger we seek. It’s more than her almost pitch-perfect voice. It is the joy and light in her eyes as she remembers singing this song in her church choir. The other residents make up the rest of the gifted choir along with a little help from Mr. Herbert, Miss Lillie, Mrs. Betty Janes and other friends and neighbors. I often think of the hymn sing as the Boyd Cottages version of the Gaither Homecoming. I see the joy in their eyes and I feel the warmth in their voice – especially at this time of year. Their smiles tell me they are seeking the Christ Child in their home, together as a family at Boyd Cottages.

Truth is, we all seek the Bethlehem Star. There are more parties next week. Santa is expected to make a stop to remind us he is the spirit of Christmas and that the ultimate love gift is the Savior, born in a manger. But it is the light that matters most to all of us.

I see it in the eyes of each resident as they remember Christmas past in a different time and different place. Their light continues to shine even though many experience loss and days that their body just doesn’t want to co-operate. Their light shines because they love.

“When we choose love…we are showing our relationship with Him and reflecting His radiance to the world around us...” They remind me that “God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all.”

Stay warm - Myra

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